Pubg Secret Military Bunker Locations

Many players enjoy the new Miramar barren region map at the test server of playerunknown’s battlegrounds (pubg). Although there are many new capabilities, such as the new weapons and automobiles, there may be a common problem added up by means of maximum players who are gambling in Miramar.

It is the fee of loot spawning inside the location. The big map contains around 18 important and minor cities with homes scattered across the vicinity for looting, however, it is truly difficult to get your self absolutely geared with a strong weapon even after looting a number of buildings.

But, there are nonetheless regions which might be considered hot spots with properly gadgets even in Miramar. You could still be capable of loot many nice gadgets without a whole lot issue from right here, as it’s far much less recognized to the community. It’s far the bunker located to the south of los Leones, the biggest metropolis within the map.


Bunker, the oasis in Miramar, the deserted land

The bunker isn’t widely recognized to players yet, even though it is located just south of los leones, the town wherein most players land. The truth that there’s a juicy spot with a number of loot right below one of the most crowded places inside the map illustrates the Korean proverb “the beacon does not shine on its very own base” pretty well.

The bunker stocks a striking resemblance to erangel’s refuge. They’re difficult to be determined without knowing the exact area, they may be located both underground or below a mountain, and there are many entrances to the place that are all linked together. 2018 Frontier Theme